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The 10X Health System

The ultimate supplement protocol. Specifically designed to provide targeted support for everything from:

  • Immune function
  • Improved cognitive performance
  • Increased endurance & cardiovascular function
  • Boost alertness and mental clarity
  • And so much more
Don’t guess what you should be taking, upgrade your health and wellness today with this easy, on-the-go essential supplement pack and start feeling the way you want to.

What People Are Saying


Daily Essential

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Reduce risk of nutrient decifiencies

Improves weight loss

Better mood, digestion & boosted energy

10X Health Supplements: Multi-Vitamin


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Flip the sleep switch, reduce time to fall asleep

Maximize your REM every night

Supports immune system & reduces inflammation

10X Health Supplements: Sleep

Cool. Calm. Collected.

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Reduces stress & anxiety

Ultimate “chill pill” regulating stress hormones

Can support healthy blood pressure & cardiovascular function

10X Health Supplements: Calm

10X Brain Gains

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Enhances mental clarity, creative flow & alertness

May reduce symptoms of ADHD

Support healthy brain function & can help with cognitive decline

10X Health Supplements: Focus


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Stimulates the immune system

Promotes healthy aging & longevity

Reduces inflammation & promotes healthy joints

10X Health Supplements: Vitamin C

Dynamic Duo – D3+K2

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Helps sustain high pace daily lifesystem

Provides needed nutrient from the earth

Can support insulin and blood sugar levels

10X Health Supplements: Vitamin D3 + K2

10X Electrolytes

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Promotes optimal hydration

Supports everyday wellness

Energizes throughout day

10X Health Supplements: Multi-Vitamin

10X Probiotic

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Helps eliminate bloating, gas, and irregularity

Enhances gut function and balance

Supports digestion and immunity

10X Health Supplements: Probiotic